Tubificio del Friuli Spa

The Company

The Tubificio del Friuli Spa company produces welded tubes and profiles from low carbon steel for precision applications.
The use of qualified materials, the constant control of production processes and the modern and flexible technical-productive structure ensures clients a serious and constant business relationship, based on the concepts of quality, service and assistance both in Italy and abroad. As well as this, the company has a strong presence and many years of experience in the market, and presents itself not only in the role of a qualified supplier, but also as a reliable partner for the development of new projects and products.Tubificio del Friuli, spa has its headquarters in Rivignano  Teor (UD) with its premises covering an area of  40,000 square meters , with all of its combined operations being certified by ISO 9001:2008.
The production capacity of the Rivignano plant is nearly 100,000 tons of welded pipe for precision applications.
The company, which is heavily export oriented, is present in over fifty market sectors, providing a wide range of product, that is complete both from a dimensional and from a qualitative point of view.


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